Class Dates: SATURDAYS 6/22 & 6/29 10:30 am.- 1:30 p.m.

Class Instructor: Shaelin Jornigan

Instructor Email: shaelinjornigan@gmail.com

Instructor Website: shebiejeebies.com

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    Students will need to supply these materials

    The structure of this class will be a two-part workshop focused on the basics of linoleum block printmaking. In the first class, we will explore aesthetics and design approaches for linoleum block printmaking, positive and negative space, design transfer, tearing down paper, tool safety, and carving techniques for linoleum blocks. Students will have a week to finish carving their blocks and should be ready to print the following week. The second class will cover rolling ink, registration and hand-burnishing each print. By the end of the course, each student will have an edition of at least four single-color linoleum block prints. The class will provide students with a creative environment and social opportunity to explore this exciting medium. It is highly recommended to have some drawing experience, but all are welcome. Maximum of 8 students.

    Two 3 hour sessions

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    • One 5" x 7" Linoleum block (mounted recommended)

    • Speedball lino cutter set (or similar)

    • One fine point sharpie marker

    • One pencil

    • One sheet of 8x10" or mylar or Clearlay 

    • One sheet of 22" x 30" printmaking paper (BFK Rives, Stonehenge or Arches) in white, cream, tan or light grey. Do not cut to smaller sizes, we will be going over this in class.

    • Burnishing tool (You may purchase a baren or simply bring a large metal spoon. I will have one baren for shared use.)

    • 24" nonslip stainless steel ruler or T Square with cork back. (I will have one to share, and students are welcome to coordinate to share as well.)


    • Printed 5x7 design/drawing (keep in mind that your design will be reversed when printed)

    • 9x12" Graphite paper or similar for design transfer (this is optional, you can also draw your design directly on the block.)


    • Black Speedball relief printing ink 2.5 oz (or alternate color of choice)

    • 4" Brayer

    • Inking plates