February 2022

Benjamin Terrell

Repeated pattern seen in early Navajo blankets or in the mandala like drawings of Emma Kunz or even heard in recited mantras evokes something infinite. So do waterfalls or resilient small houses seen on high hills, engulfed in something grand and unknown.Living along the McKenzie river (like living through another year of the pandemic) I am reminded that after each fire comes the clean-up. Then come the log trucks. So many tree trunks seen stacked on so many tree trunks. Everything at its essence is in a process of becoming. We are forever searching in the dark forested night for an intersection of what is recognizable and yet still unnamable.

This show is half of a two-part exhibition- the second, a collaborative show with the painter, Spencer Shakespeareat my shop, Epic Seconds (30 Eat 11th Ave). I am excited to share work at my favorite art store, Oregon Art Supplyand am honored to show with Spencer, one of my favorite painters. Besides being one of my best lovedInstagram accounts, I also resonate with the descriptions of the Cornwall painter's work (as described on his website


Oil stain on wood

20" x 16"