Sarah Sedwick

Sarah Sedwick is an oil painter who makes her home in Eugene, Oregon. Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1979, she began oil painting at age ten. In 2001, she earned a BFA from Maryland Institute, College of Art, with a focus on illustration and painting, and a minor degree in art history. Her work focuses mainly on still life and portraiture, painting from direct observation. Teaching is an integral part of her creative work. She teaches still life and portrait painting workshops around the country and internationally. She has been teaching at Oregon Art Supply for many years.

Terry Duffy

Terry Duffy studied studio art and art eduction in college and later went back to school to study graphic design. She worked as a designer for 32 years, while doing her own art on the side—trying out all kinds of different media along the way. About five years ago she made watercolor her primary medium, allowing her to work loosely with the ability to have complex layering in her paintings. Terry has been teaching at Oregon Art Supply since 2012. She teaches drawing, colored pencil, and watercolor, offering both beginning classes and more advanced classes for each medium. Her first goal is to teach foundational skills to students so that they have the tools to feel successful and stay engaged. Secondly, and more importantly, she encourages them to find their way through the medium to develop their own style. She finds that creating a supportive environment is key, because it gives students the freedom to explore and to become confident about their artwork. "It’s exciting to see students develop skills and ways of expressing themselves that maybe they haven’t considered before.

Zoë Cohen

Zoë Cohen, contemporary abstract painter, has been teaching at Oregon Art Supply since 2015. Born in Chicago to a family of artists in the 1960’s, she was immersed in mid-century art and design from an early age. She gradated with a BFA from University of Oregon in 1985 and has exhibited her work in Oregon, Washington, California, New Mexico and New York. Zoë’s favorite thing about teaching is meeting new people and helping to foster their creative process.

Jordan Walker

Jordan Walker is a fine artist, illustrator, and teacher based in Eugene. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in 2016. Jordan spent his childhood roaming through deep woods and rugged coastlines exploring the wonders of the natural world. luckily, he is able to spend much of his adulthood doing the same thing. His life-long fascinations with natural history, as well as worlds of fantasy and science fiction have lead him to create work of his own that explores strange new worlds, as well as the one that we know. His work has been shown in galleries throughout the United States, and many of his paintings are held in private collections across the globe. He has also created illustrations for a variety of magazines, print publications, and video games. Having gained a wide range of experience in a number of mediums and subjects, Jordan enjoys sharing his knowledge with others through teaching. Most often he teaches single day workshops or multi-week classes involving oil painting, Studio and Plein Air landscape painting, and ink drawing. He is happy to be able to interact with the Eugene community as an Instructor at the Oregon Art Supply, and looks forward to seeing you in class!

Emily Looman

Emily Looman is an artist and author of Cartwheel in the Quiet: a Tapestry of Things Found + Felt. She gathers her writing and found poetry, Polaroids, and hand-drawn imagery into her journals and onto the walls of her tiny art studio, creating patchworked spaces in which sensitivity is welcome and humanness can be explored. You can find her on Instagram (@quietnoticing) and take a peek at her book with the link below.

Instructor links: Cartwheel in the Quiet by Emily Looman | Blurb Books.

Rebecca Mannheimer

Rebecca Mannheimer is co-owner of Oregon Art Supply. She moved to Eugene in 1997 and has been teaching on and off since she graduated witha BFA degree from the Pacific Northwest College of Art (P.N.C.A.) in Portland, OR. Rebecca currently maintains a studio in her home where she paints whenshe is not at the store. She has taught a variety of mediums from basic drawing, encaustic, still life painting, collage and abstract mixed media painting. In the last year Rebecca has exhibited her work at Maude Kerns, “Conversations” a group show of Eugene Women Artists, the Eugene Biennial and The Mayor’s Art Show. You can also find her work at Salem on the Edge Gallery in Salem Oregon.Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Facebook or visit her website at: