#045- UKRAINIAN EGGS (Pysanky)- in store

#042- UKRAINIAN EGGS (Pysanky)

THURSDAY 4/11, from 12:00pm-4:00pm

Class Instructor: Jessi Stinson

Instructor Email: jrstinson73@gmail.com

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    Students will need to supply these materials

    In this class I’ll demonstrate how to make pysanky, Ukrainian decorated Easter eggs. Learning this centuries-old technique for decorating Easter eggs is easier than you might think! Pysanky are made by drawing wax lines on a raw egg using a stylus called a kistka, then dipping the egg into a dye bath after each wax application. Finally, the wax is removed for a spectacular reveal. It’s like doing batik, but on eggs instead of fabric. We’ll talk about the cultural history of this craft and the meanings behind the traditional symbols.

    If you like to draw, design, or make things, and would like a new craft skill to add to your repertoire, this is for you! At the end of this class, you’ll have one, or maybe two beautifully decorated Easter eggs. Maximum of 8 students. Ages 13+ One 4-hour sessions.


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      REQUIRED MATERIALS LIST: All supplies are provided. Online sources for materials will be provided.

      PLEASE HAVE: Please wear old clothing that might get permanently stained. Because we will be working around permanent dyes and open flames, this adult class is for ages 13+. Please leave younger children at home. I recommend short sleeves and tying long hair back. Do not use any hand cream before class. We’ll take 15-minute break midway during this 4-hour workshop, so feel free to bring a snack.