Screen Printing


SPEEDBALL PRINTING SCREENS have smooth, hardwood frames. The screen fabric is locked in place with cord in grooves, and can be easily tightened or replaced. Once you buy one frame, you can simply switch out screened images as needed. Ready to use with screen filler, stencils or photo emulsion. You will also need a correctly sized squeegee; we carry ones shaped for both fabric and paper printing. If you plan on pulling multiple prints or need to justify multiple layers, a set of hinge clamps will make your life much easier. If you are planning to use photo emulsion on your screen, check out our scoop coaters, which ensure a consistent amount of photo emulsion covers your screen.


You can have several options for preparing your image on a screen. Use Drawing Fluid and Screen Filler for hand-drawn images, or Photo Emulsion for high-detail replication.


JACQUARD SCREEN PRINTING INKS are professional, permanent, screen printing inks for many porous and non-porous surfaces. They have an extended open time, giving the user more time to reprint a color layer with less risk of ink drying in the screen. These inks are archival and lightfast with great resolution. They are washable and dry-cleanable on natural and synthetic fabrics. Fabrics must be heat set for permanence and durability: just wait for the layer to dry and then throw in a normal laundry dryer for 30 minutes.


These semi-transparent inks are most luminous on light colored fabrics and paper. VERSATEX SCREEN PRINTING INKS are ready to use right out of the jar and have a wonderfully creamy consistency. The colors are intermixable and can be thinned with water. Versatex printed fabric must be heat set for permanence and washability.