Pigma Micron Pen Sets (Black)

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    These superfine technical illustration pens feature waterproof, archival india ink that will not smear, feather, or bleed on most papers. When used with a light hand, Microns always provide smooth, consistent, and skip-free lines. Perfect for illustration, mix media, journaling, drafting, or accounting. The 3-pen set comes with the following sizes: 01 (.25mm), 03 (.35mm), 05 (.45mm) The 6-pen set comes with the following sizes: 005 (.20mm), 01 (.25mm), 03 (.35mm), 05 (.45mm), 08 (.50mm)

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    Exceptional Pens

    I use Micron pens on a daily basis for journal entries, sketching and pen and watercolor paintings. I find they are smooth, flow evenly and dry quickly. The quick drying means I can paint a watercolor wash over the ink immediately. I use sizes .01, .03 and .05 and that ranges covers all my work.
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