REMBRANDT SOFT PASTELS are made according to a unique formula; the necessary raw materials go through very strict controls for each new batch. They contain the maximal amount of pigment, the minimal amount of binder, and the purest, softest types of kaolin, also referred to as pipe clay or China clay. The balanced proportion of these ingredients results in easy color application with a rich, velvety look. These pastels are free of heavy-metal pigments like as cadmium, lead, or cobalt. Available in sets.


HARD PASTELS AND PASTEL PENCILS are great for detail work when fine lines are needed or when trying to achieve a sharp edge. STABILO CARBOTHELLO pastel pencils can be dry mixed and blended or used as a water color. The soft lead also draws perfectly on delicate paper while the wooden case protects the lead from breaking. We also carry DERWENT PASTEL PENCILS as well as GENERAL PASTEL PENCILS for those looking for a basic and easy set. PRISMACOLOR NUPASTELS are a hard pastel stick that allows for denser application, available in sets or individually, in a wide and vibrant color line.


CARAN d'ACHE makes two kinds of artist-grade wax pastels shaped like crayons: NEOCOLOR® I, which is water-resistant, and NEOCOLOR® II, which is water-soluble. Both offer real pigmentation and professional quality, but are also economical. Optimal color brilliance, blending, and coverage can be attained with NEOCOLOR® II when wet washes are applied to the color. They can also safely be used as face paints! Just occasionally dip in a very small amount of water as you apply to your skin. Comes off with soap and water. These behave like true oil pastels, creamy and loaded with true pigments, with superior covering power, luminous colors, and excellent UV resistance.


VAN GOGH OIL PASTELS are made of pigment with fats and waxes as binding agent. They come in a multitude of bright colors that are reasonably priced. Soft and creamy, sold individually and in sets.


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