Cialux Bookcloth - Red Brown

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    Cialux is a high quality natural finish book cloth made in Italy. It is a lustrous, vibrant, glossy, fast-dyed, natural finish, 100% rayon cloth with a viscose paper backing. Cialux cloth is made from spun rayon yarn, which is composed of short-length filament threads. Environmentally friendly and exceptionally well suited for covering book covers, catalogs, stationery, diaries etc. Cialux is colorfast to water, light and abrasion, and has improved durability over other natural finish cloths. Our Cialux Bookcloth comes in 12 inch or 18 inch width and is priced by the foot. 

    Our bookcloth comes in 1, 2 or 3-foot cuts. To order: 1. Select the color desired.2. Select your width: 12 inches or 18 inches 3. Select length of cut. We cut in 1, 2 and 3-foot lengths.