Posca Pens

Posca markers are a water-based paint marker for all materials and all uses. As long as the paint is wet, colors can be mixed on the work surface by blurring with the tip or a brush to create infinite gradations of color. If the tip is stained, just clean it and re-prime the marker to restore the initial color. Dense and opaque, Posca paint is ideal for layering! Dark colors can be applied over light colors or light colors over dark. Thanks to its fast drying time, layering can be carried out with no smudges.

Posca 350 Brush Pen

The POSCA Brush 350 is used and appreciated by many different artists who want to add color to sculptures, paintings or mixed media. It’s great for calligraphy enthusiasts who love the brush effect combined with fine lines. Comic artists also find this to be a useful took as well as beginners looking for an easy way to learn to handle a brush.

Posca 1MR Extra Fine

With its extra-fine calibrated tip ringed in metal, the Posca-1MR has all the qualities of a paint marker – in the form of a pen! Designed for amateurs and professionals looking for an ultra-fine, dense line, it offers a rich palette of color effects. It's ideal for creative professionals (e.g. graphic designers creating roughs, technical drawings and sketches etc.), creative hobbyists (scrapbooking,card makers…) and artists adding finishing touches, details and contours with absolute precision.

Posca 1M Extra Fine Bullet Tip

The Posca-1M is the ideal POSCA for small-format creations with its small size and its extra-fine bullet tip. It is appreciated by adults and children, from beginners to the most experienced, who use it for precise coloring.The extra-fine bullet-tip POSCA is perfect for novice and experienced crafters, who use it for drawing, coloring, scrapbooking, and mixed media. It is also used by professionals to add color to documents, color in illustrations or make precise markings. Finally, artists appreciate it for painting, drawing or signing their works.

Posca 3M Marker

The fine-point Posca 3M is the quintessential creative tool used by connoisseurs. With a precise, assured stroke, it can customise, create, decorate and mark anything that inspires you. The Posca 3M is ideal for artists and creative professionals such as designers who use it to add color or shading to plans; fans of creative hobbies such as scrapbooking and card-making, who use it to decorate photos or write on glass and surfers and skaters for customizing their boards. The perfect marker for transforming a cap or t-shirt into a creative statement piece.

Posca 5M Medium Bullet Tip

The medium tip of the Posca-5M is the most versatile in the Posca range. Providing a clear, precise line and beautiful color, it is appreciated by both professionals and amateurs.The Posca-5M suits all sorts of people: artists and creative professionals such as architects and designers; fans of creative hobbies and home decoration; surfers and skaters wanting a new look for their boards. Its ease of use makes it ideal for beginners to explore their creativity.

Posca 8K Broad Chisel Tip

With its broad chisel tip, the Posca-8K can not only draw clear curves with a graphic calligraphy effect; it can also color wide areas. Available in a wonderful range of colors, it is ideal for flat colors, markings of all kinds and of course street art creations and lettering.The Posca-8K enables artists to paint and draw on any surface, indoors or outdoors; Great for surfers and skaters to decorate their boards as well.

Posca 17K Extra Broad Tip

The Posca-17K extra-wide tip is the expert in the POSCA range. With its XXL size, it is the best friend of artists and professionals producing large-scale works.The Posca-17K enables artists to paint perfect backgrounds on giant surfaces. Ideal for large graphic banners.