M. Graham Oil Paints

M. Graham paints are made in the Pacific Northwest. In the tradition of the masters, M. Graham artists’ oil colors are made with pure walnut oil for its brilliance, clarity, texture, and resistance to fading and yellowing, and for a creamier texture, superior flow and workability, and longer drying time. Artists can enjoy superior ease in both delicate blending and bold coverage. Working in small batches, M.Graham craft oil colors true to the roots of Renaissance painting: delicately free-flowing, solvent-free, and with no fillers or additives. With the exceptionally high pigment loads in M. Graham artists’ oil colors, your work will naturally feel more alive and vibrant, imbued with rich, lustrous color for years to come.with unique, simple recipes and fine pigments, these artist-grade paints are deliciously vibrant and creamy, while priced lower than most artist-grade brands.

M. Graham Oil Paints - Yellows & Oranges

Choose from eight different brightly selected yellows and two warm glowing oranges, all of high quality, light fast while also being less expensive. Prices vary depending on pigment rarity.

M. Graham Oil Paints - Reds

M. Graham paints offer a selection of twelve intensely pigmented rich reds from traditional Cadmiums to more modern transparent Quinacridones, all of high quality, light fast while also being less expensive. Prices vary depending on pigment rarity.

M. Graham Oil Paints - Greens

There are twelve shades of green to select from in M. Graham Oils. Ideal for any landscape painter. From newly introduced opaque Emerald green to the transparency of Phthalocyanine Green and Earth Green new to the M.Graham oil paint line.

M. Graham Oil Paints - Violets, Purples & Blues

M. Graham has five violet/purples to choose from a dark purple Dioxazine to a semi- transparent Mineral Violet. M. Graham also offers 11 shades of Blue to Turquoise. From the traditional Ultramarine Blue to a newly introduced Cobalt Turquoise is an opaque, soft, rich and almost earthy. Ideal to deepen and enrich other cobalts or used as a complement to create complex mixtures with Burnt Sienna.

M. Graham Oil Paints - Earth Tones

You have fifteen great earth colors available in M. Graham oils. Three transparent Quinacridones to create wonderful glazes with as well as two transparent oxides.

M. Graham Oil Paints - Blacks & Whites

M. Graham offers the traditional colors of black: Mars Black, Ivory Black, and Lamp Black, as well as, newly added Chrome Black: chromatically neutral, semi-transparent and gentle in strength. Especially useful to reduce the intensity of greens. M. Graham has introduced two new colors of white: Warm White, an unbleached Titanium, and Titanium White Sunflower which is somewhat warmer and more opaque than their regular Titanium White.