Graphite Pencils

Graphite Pencils at Oregon Art Supply

Derwent Watersoluble Sketching Pencils

Nothing beats graphite for drama and impact, but add a little water to Derwent's water-soluble graphite pencils and an exciting new world of line and wash sketching opens up.

Derwent Graphic Pencil Set

Good pencil drawings start with a good graphite pencil! Derwent Graphic pencils contain the finest graphite to create smooth and graduated lines. Highly lightfast, easy to remove with an eraser and with the largest choice of shades available on the market, it is no wonder artists like Alexis Marcou love using this range of our pencils.

Derwent Graphic Pencil 12 Sets

Derwent's Graphic Pencils are made from the finest quality graphite and purest clays for a smooth line. They are ideal for crisp, detailed illustrations or tone drawings. Soft Sketch, Set of 12 - A range of 12 soft pencils, ideal for drawing and sketching. Includes one each of 9B, 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, and H. Medium Designer, Set of 12 - A range of 12 medium pencils. Includes one each of 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, and 4H. Hard Technical, Set of 12 - A range of 12 hard pencils, ideal for drafting, engineering, and technical drawing. Includes one each of B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H, 8H, and 9H.

Derwent Academy Sketching Sets

Derwent Academy Sketching Pencils come in two sizes offering a comprehensive range of 12 degrees of sketching pencils, from a soft 6B to a hard 5H, perfect for tackling all styles of drawing and sketching. Soft pencils (B–6B) are best suited to sketching and blending, while harder pencils (HB–5H) are ideal for straight lines and detailed work. Academy Sketching Pencils are break-resistant and easy to sharpen. Set of 6 - This set includes 3B, 2B, B, HB, H, and 2H. Set of 12 - This set includes 5H, 4H, 3H, 2H, H, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, and 6B.