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    Class Dates:

    MONDAYS: 3/13 & 3/20 from 1:00p.m.-4:00p.m. (This class is in person at Oregon Art Supply.)

    Class Instructor: Diana Patin

    Instructor email: diana.patin@gmail.com

    Instructor website: diana-patin.format.com

    "You really can get everything you want out of your sketchbook when you make it yourself. Uncommon sizes, ratios, spots for storing your plein air palette or testing paint mixes, a combination of different kinds of paper, pockets to store ephemera, slots to hold brushes or pencils within the sketchbook, you name it! This two-part workshop is focused on making the watercolor sketchbook of your dreams, with all the features you want most. You’re welcome to use up odds and ends, like papers you have sitting around your house, or buy new supplies for the class. Feel free to email at the address provided if you have any questions about what will work." Two 3hour sessions. Maximum of 8 students.


    *To reserve your place in any class, payment must be received at the time of registration.

    *For a refund on any of our classes, we will need to be notified at least 48 hours in advance of the first class.

    ***All Students get 20% off purchases made while enrolled in a class***

    For your complete material list - please click on link



    • Watercolor paper: the weight and texture depends on what you like most. It must be at least 9x12” and bigger sheets work better, but bring what you have!
    • Particle board or book board: we will use this for your hard covers. I generally use the hard sheet at the back of most drawing pads for my covers because it comes with the paper, but if you are concerned about archival quality, Davey board or acid-free matboard will work too. I do not recommend using corrugated cardboard, though.
    • Bone folder
    • Utility knife: I prefer Olfa snap off but any box cutter weight will do, and make sure you have a fresh blade on it and/or some replacements!
    • Self-healing cutting mat (I recommend at least 12x18”)
    • Waxed linen thread: pick a color you like, because this binding method has an exposed spine!
    • Curved Bookbinding needle
    • Awl
    • PVA Glue: 4 oz or more
    • Foam or other glue brush: I recommend having a larger one for the main cover area, and a smaller brush to do more detailed gluing around the edges of the covers
    • Book cloth or decorative paper: you will use this to decorate your front and back covers. Can be patterned, plain, original art, a recycled poster, maps, newspaper, whatever you like! (The only thing that won’t work is unbacked fabric).
    • Ruler: 12” is probably enough, I prefer a cork-backed metal one


    • T-Square or 90 degree triangle: for making square, straight lines and cuts
    • Thick decorative paper to use to make a pocket
    • Elastic or other stretchy material for pen/pencil holders
    • Japanese screw punch: for making holes in the thicker board of the covers