Class Dates:

SATURDAY 3/30/24, 1:00 pm-4:00 pm

Class Instructor: Jan Halvorsen

Instructor Email: mimikoyangi@gmail.com

Instructor instagram: janhalvi

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    Students will need to supply these materials

    Is composition a mystery to you? This workshop will introduce some basic composition principles that are flexible and easy to apply to your work. You will learn some fun ways to experiment with composition, and explore how composition contributes meaning as well as aesthetic structure. Instead of judging a composition as “good” or “bad”, we consider if it works for your purpose.

    For all levels, this workshop can help you build skills to apply to any image making process, from sketches to finished paintings. **This is a drawing workshop that focuses on sketching and design development, so the role of color in composition is not directly covered (though we can talk about it!).

    If you want to bring in a piece to discuss and brainstorm for, do so! 8 Students maximum

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    Note: All students get 20% off purchases at Oregon Art Supply while enrolled in a class… What a great time to try new stuff! The list below is enough to participate in the workshop, but you can bring any media you already have and see how it can be used.

    Paper: Any drawing weight paper will work. Oregon Art Supply has a good selection of drawing/sketch tablets (Robert Bateman, Bee Paper, Strathmore, Canson, etc.) and single sheets (these are larger and will need to be cut down). This is a table top class, so a tablet size of 8 1/2 x 11, 9 x 12, or 11 x 14 works well. You can also bring any paper you already have. If you are using loose sheets, bring a drawing board for support.

    Tracing Paper: This should be the same size or larger than the paper you use to draw on. There are tablets, sheets, and rolls available at Oregon Art Supply. I use tracing paper a lot, to test ideas and experiment with layers, so I use a roll. I can tear off just what I need, large or small.


    Drawing pencil, soft: Choose from: General’s Draughting #0314, General’s Layout, Ebony pencils… they are all wonderful soft graphite pencils. There are also the “graded” pencils… The higher the number with a “B”, the softer the lead, so 3B or softer is good.

    If you don’t want to mess with a sharpener, try a 0.7 or 0.9 mechanical pencil. Replace the original lead with softer lead (3B or 4B, available at the counter).

    Firm chalk pastel (Cretacolor or Nupastel) or Conte stick (charcoal can also work). Hue should be medium to medium dark in value, a neutral hue (brown, grey to black, ochre, etc.). One stick/color is all you need. This will be used to mass in values, and being somewhat erasable is good.

    Erasers: 2 types:

    White vinyl, either a block or clic type (Pentel clic). The clic style is more useful for precise erasing.

    Kneaded eraser: Faber Castell #127220 is the BEST kneaded eraser.

    Other supplies:

    Low tack tape (drafting tape, available at OAS, or painters tape from any hardware/building supply store or paint store).