Class Dates: SATURDAY 7/23 & SUNDAY 7/24 from 12:30p.m. - 3:30p.m.

Class Instructor: Rebecca Mannheimer

Instructor Email: rmann@oregonartsupply.com

Instructor Website: http://rebeccamannheimer.com

Price: $95.00

    Availability: Available

    In this painting class we will be working with Golden Open acrylics to create a more dynamic surface in our paintings. Open acrylic paints will allow us work wet in wet because they dry slower and this can help to open some new possibilities in our painting practice. We will also be adding drawing tools to the mix to create more interest and develop unique ways of using line and texture in our painting process. Finally let’s see what we can do with transparent colors and how they can create depth in our pieces. Come and be prepared to experiment and learn something new along the way. I will provide you with a zoom link a day or two before the class begins. (Please sign up no later than noon June 22nd to insure time to receive class link) Two 3-hour sessions. Maximum of 8 students.

    Material list:


    • 2 - 4 surfaces: canvas, canvas boards, canvas paper or a combination: recommended that you start small- 8” x 8”, 8” x 10”, 9” x 12”, 12” x 12” etc. Optional: you can choose to work on a panel or mdf boards- which will need to be painted with gesso before class begins
    • One small bottle of acrylic gloss OPEN medium (essential)

    PAINTS: I recommend Golden OPEN acrylic paint to keep the paint from drying too fast. You can also use M. Graham or regular heavy body Golden acrylic paints or a combination along with the OPEN medium

    PAINT: have at least the primaries (Red, Yellow, Blue or a color palette you prefer- , Plus- titanium white and a few transparent colors like Quinacridones or Oxides (ie.Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Quinacridone / Nickel Azo Gold, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide or Transparent Red Iron Oxide etc.)

    • Two Caran d’Ache II water-soluble crayons or water soluble pencils ie. Stabilo Aquarelle  (at least two colors) your choice
    • One water-soluble graphite pencil (medium or dark)
    • One General Layout pencil or comparable
    • One round brush #2 or #2 bright & One bright (short flat bristle) brush #4 or #6
    • One good palette knife (wooden handle metal blade) approx. 1 1/2 “ blade your choice of shape ( I like to use a rectangular shape)
    • Paper Palette 9” x 12” & plastic empty container for water i.e.. yogurt or cottage cheese containers
    • Cloth rag or paper towels
    • Apron or an old shirt to wear.


    any other tools you like to use for making marks. Collage materials with interesting surfaces - (optional) ie. cardboard, string, lace etc.