GOLDEN produces professional-quality acrylic paints and mediums for a huge range of techniques. We carry tubes and bottles of four types of paint: Heavy Body, the standard acrylic; Fluids, which can be used like designers' gouache or simply when a more free-flowing paint is needed; Hi-Flows, used in refillable paint pens, airbrushes, or as stain; and OPEN acrylics, which have a longer drying time for more workability, perfect for oil painters transitioning to acrylics. Mediums & gels can be used for everything from thickening and extending paint to fabric painting, pouring, acrylic transfer, and mixed media applications. Available for purchase online.

m. graham

M GRAHAM ACRYLICS, locally made in Oregon, feature a unique acrylic emulsion without artificial thickeners which allows an increase in pigment loads. The result is increased pigmentation, intense color, and enhanced working properties with the flow and delicacy normally found only in fine gouaches. They are also less expensive than many other artist grade lines. Available for purchase online.


GALLERIA acrylics are student-grade paints at a modest price, with a free-flowing consistency that makes them easy to use.


LIQUITEX BASICS are a great student-grade acrylic with a modern color line. The larger-than-average 4oz tube size makes these paints a great option for artists who are working on big projects within a budget.