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We dedicated the months of

to honor our dear friend Beverly Soasey.

"X Marks the Spot"

"The Prize

Beverly was a prolific artist who collected a
multitude of found objects that adorned her
home/studio space. She transformed many
of these items into her pieces with great skill and
artistic mastery and gave them special meaning.
Beverly connected to so many through her art,
her teaching and her many friendships.
She was huge part of our community and

we will miss her.

"This process begins with the search

and ends in a story".

-Beverly Soasey 2014

Beverly Soasey was our featured artist Apr/May 2014

"Rise Up Joyful" Mixed Media Assemblage

My art falls in the category of mixed media/assemblage, which for me means, anything goes. There are no boundaries, no formal rules on execution of materials. In a blending of objects and media, assemblage invites exploration and experimentation. My work is a study of textures, patterns and color–the combination of elements that intrigue and surprise the viewer. This process begins with the search and ends in a story.