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March - April 2016

"A Necessary Language"
12" x 12" mixed media on board
Artist's Statement

Painting is, for me, a visual/poetic language - a necessary alternative form of communication.
Throughout human history mark-making with paint has had the power to speak to certain
elemental truths where words have failed us.

In the 21st Century, as humans, we live with these raw/harsh realities of everyday life:
technological acceleration, endless wars, loss of humanity, massive greed and the
unparalleled destruction of nature.

In spite of these horrors, the enduring beauty of life persists.

In my work the moment and the materials are my guide. I follow the painting from the
first quick stroke through the next move - contrasts become a theme: light/dark,
motion/stillness, depth/flat space, chaos/calm. I continue to paint and draw and in
the best work I am completely surprised by the images which appear before me.

Nov/Dec 2013

"One" Encaustic Mixed Media
Zoe recreates chance happenings by combining scraps
of paper with glue, paint, beeswax, ink, graphite and text.
She works quickly, trying to turn off the conscious mind
and let the spirit of the materials and moment guide her.