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DANIEL SMITH WATERCOLOR paints have become famous among watercolor artists for their vibrancy, consistency, and incredible selection of colors. Many of these colors are made with unique authentic mineral pigments exclusive to Daniel Smith. Formulated, produced, and packaged in Seattle for over 30 years.


M. GRAHAM WATERCOLORS are created with exceptional amounts of pigment in a time-honored binding medium of pure gum arabic and natural blackberry honey. The addition of honey causes these paints to resist hardening on the palette or in the tube. They dilute easily, even after months of disuse. M. Graham watercolors are locally made in Oregon and are now available for purchase online.


M.GRAHAM GOUACHE crafted with high-performance lightfast pigments and no chalk or adulterants that degrade the appearance of the color when dry. Each color has been formulated with pure honey for layered application without cracking. They have a high degree of flow for strong brush strokes and smooth application, but no loss in brilliance. The character of each pigment determines its opacity; M. Graham leaves the addition of white to the artist.


WINSOR & NEWTON ARTIST WATERCOLORS are professional watercolors available in individual tubes, or sets of half pans, perfect for Plein Air painting. We can place special orders for individual large pans, for those artists who rely on these excellent watercolors as an important staple in their toolbox.


COTMAN WATERCOLORS are a high quality student-grade watercolor. Costs are kept to an economical level by replacing some more costly pigments with less expensive alternatives. Available in individual tubes and in a variety of travel sets, customized for different artists' needs.


HOLBEIN is a European-style transparent watercolor. Made without ox-gall or other dispersing agents, Holbein watercolor moves slowly, thus permitting greater color density and brush control. They have a consistent, creamy texture that remains smooth when dry without cracking, crumbling, chipping or molding in the palette. It may be re-wetted easily like a pan color. For this reason Holbein does not produce watercolors in pan form but allows artists to create their own selection.
HOLBEIN DESIGNERS' GOUACHE is made from the finest pigments selected for color saturation and lightfastness. Holbein does not add opaquing agents to their gouache colors.