M. Graham Watercolor Paints

M. Graham paints are native to the Pacific Northwest. M. Graham watercolors are made with Northwest blackberry honey, recalling the practice of early artists who drew from nature for their materials as well as their subjects. This traditional base creates willing watercolors ready for your brush and yields even, fluid washes.Honey also allows for stronger, truer colors. With a complete range of pleasing pigments — from delicate tints to dark, concentrated colors — you’ll discover more color possibilities with M. Graham watercolors.
M. Graham Watercolors are manufactured in small batches with pure honey, gum arabic, glycerine, and the finest pigments available. Each color's formula is individually developed and crafted to bring out the unique character of the pigment. Each color in this small watercolor line is intensely pigmented, and every color is based on a single pigment, excepting a few convenience mixtures of historic colors. Colors made with honey do not dry up in the tube or on the palette, and they always dilute easily, often after months or years of disuse. Honey has been used extensively throughout the history of art as an ingredient in water based colors.

M. Graham Watercolors - Yellows & Oranges

Let these bright hues inspire you, their are 11 vibrant yellow and orange hues in M.Graham watercolors. Like an opaque Bismuth Yellow a bright lemon yellow, greener than Hansa Yellow and more lightfast or the transparent Azo Yellow as well as several opaque cadmiums. to choose from. Indian Yellow a transparent orange-yellow which is exceptionally lightfast or choose between an transparent orange like Azo Orange or what about a brilliant intense opaque granulating orange.like Cadmium Orange.

M. Graham Watercolors - Reds

Their are eleven reds on M. Graham watercolors. You can choose between the very opaque granulating Cadmiums or more affordable staining Pyrrol Red. Looking for something more transparent, try Quinacridone Rose or Alizarin Crimson or their is also Maroon Perylene a subtle dark red that is warmer than Alizarin Crimson and has an excellent lightfast rating.

M. Graham Watercolors - Greens

If your a landscape painter, greens and earth tones are paramount. M.Graham offers ten hues of green. like Permanent Green Pale, a bright yellow green - intense and vibrant, or Azo Green-two colors in one - a subtle murky green mass tone combined with a brilliant transparent yellow glaze.

M. Graham Watercolors - Violets, Purples & Blues

M. Graham has seven beautifully pigmented violets from warms to cools, starting with a Ultramarine pink, a subtle color of hyacinth in summer, or you can choose Ultramarine Violet for a very deep granulating blue-violet. For blues you have eleven hues. When you need strength in your hue try some that will give you a staining quality like Anthraquinone Blue or perhaps Prussian Blue or Manganese Blue, or if your looking for a vivid, high key, cool blue green try M. Graham Cobalt Teal.

M. Graham Watercolors - Earth Tones

M Graham also offers you a choice of fourteen earth tones from a granulating Sepia to the ever popular transparent oxides and quinacridones Like Nickel Quinacridone Gold, a golden yellow with rich earthen red top tones or Transparent Red Iron Oxide, a deep mahogany mass tone with an astonishing fiery red wash. All highly pigmented and will yield even, fluid washes.

M. Graham Watercolors - Blacks & Whites

M. Graham has several choice in blacks and whites. Like Neutral Tint a hue that provides a color space between Lamp Black and Paynes Gray. It is use for gently toning vivid colors, or Paynes Gray, the coolest black on the palette with a distinct blue cast and good strength. The traditional Chinese White offers a translucent, subtle white, more transparent than Titanium White which is more opaque.