Linoleum Carving

Safety Kut Carving Blocks

Safety Kut is a flexible, ultra-soft linoleum that is very easy to carve. Use gouges to to cut out the negative space in your stamp & print designs. Safety Kut will give you clean, precise edges and won't dull your blades as quickly as other types of linoleum. Unmounted. 2x3 or 4x6. (Not recommended for children under 12)

Memento Stamp Pads

Memento Stamp pads are water-based, fade-resistant, and acid free dye inks. They offer exceptional even coverage and are very fast drying.These ink pads also work well with any alcohol marker and will not smear once they have dried.

Speedball Watersoluble Block Printing Ink

Speedball Block Printing Ink comes in multiple vibrant, opaque colors, ideal for printing with linoleum blocks, Safety Kut, or wood blocks. They are water-based, making clean up easy and quick. Do not mix with oil-based inks. Available in 2.5 oz tubes: black, white, red, blue, magenta, gold, silver, and copper.

Speedball Assorted Carving Gouge Set

This linoleum cutting tool set comes with 5 different gouges to allow for a range of carving widths for everything from fine detail to wide negative spaces. Also included is a standard blade to cut custom borders on your stamps. A wide, sturdy handle gives you control and comfort while carving, and is hollow for convenient storage of unused nibs. Warning: the gouge blades are extremely sharp. Use with caution; not recommended for children under the age of 13. Never place your hands near the direction you are cutting.

Speedball 4" Soft Rubber Brayer

Use this printmaking brayer for inking plates, stamps, wood blocks, and linoleum, or for alternative paint application & mixed media techniques. For printmaking, use the brayer to roll out ink in a consistent, thin layer on a glass or plexi plate. Then your block can be lightly pressed into the ink for a perfect print. Easily cleaned with soap and water.