image by Rebecca Mannheimer

Journals & Pads

Drawing and Sketching Pads

We offer a wide range of drawing and sketching pads in our store. In general, the biggest difference between sketch and drawing pads are that sketch pads are intended for practicing, experimenting, and quick studies, while drawing pads are intended for finished artwork. Sketch pads are often lighter in page weight, while drawing pads are a bit heavier.

Heavy Duty Mixed Media Notebooks

We carry several brands of high-quality mixed media notebooks with heavyweight paper that can handle all kinds of wet and dry media. Get grainy textural effects with water-based markers, do technical drawings over watercolor washes, add layers to your field sketches, or even create a scrapbook. These notebooks can handle most anything and their hard back covers make it easy to create anywhere.

Hand Book Journals

These journals are hardbound with a bookcloth cover and secured with an elastic band. Store loose notes & drawings in a pocket inside the back cover. Each contains 128 pages of 100% acid-free, heavyweight buff drawing paper with a soft, subtle tooth. Great for pen & ink, pencil, and markers. Accepts light watercolor washes without buckling.Each size comes in a choice of black, blue, green, or red.