Illustrations by Jordan Walker


Graphite Pencils

Choosing the perfect graphite pencil will make your drawing experience come alive. At Oregon Art Supply we carry a wide range of graphite pencils to support all your drawing needs.

Charcoal Pencils

Charcoal comes in many different forms, vine, willow, compressed and pencils. There is nothing like the push and pull of charcoal on the right drawing surface.

Colored Pencils

The array of colors are amazing. You can choose from an assortment of different varieties
at Oregon Art Supply, from waxed, oil based or water-soluble. Multiple layers of these can create a lush vibrant surface that will inspire.

Drawing Inks

Drawing with ink gives you endless possibilities. Oregon Art Supply has a vast selection of inks to use with either a brush or dip pen.

Pencil Cases

Global Art pencil cases are sturdy, long-lasting, and made from heavy canvas. They close completely with a zipper and come in seven earthy colors. The internal elastic bands can hold 4 pencils or 2 markers each. Choose between a 24 or 48 capacity pouch. A beautiful way to stay organized and mobile.