Class Dates:

MONDAYS 2/6, 2/13, 2/27 & 3/6

 from 1:00pm - 4:00pm (In Store Class)

Class Instructor: Diana Patin

Instructor Email: diana.patin@gmail.com

Instructor Website: dianapatin.format.com

Price: $120.00

    Availability: Available

    In this course you will learn 3 different bookbinding techniques of varying difficulties, Long Stitch Binding, Accordion Book,Pamphlet Stitch. We will focus on upcycling parts of your materials to both save money and reduce waste, creatively adapting one paper pad into all three different styles of book. Each book will be completely unique, and you will be involved in every step of its creation.Maximum of 8 students. Four 3 hour sessions

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    For your complete material list - please click on "REQUIRED MATERIAL LIST" above.



    · 1 pad of 18x24 paper of your choosing (I prefer Drawing, but Mixed Media will work well too). Pad must be 18x24” in size.

    o Make sure your paper pad has the cover sheet still on it! We will be repurposing it for the covers of your books.

    · Bone folder

    · Utility knife: I prefer the Olfa snap off, but any box cutter weight will do

    · Self-healing cutting mat

    · Waxed linen thread in your preferred color (it will show in the binding!)

    · Foam brush or other glue brush

    · Ways to decorate your covers:

    o Decorative paper – will work for all 3 books’ covers

    o Bookcloth – will only work for 1 books’ cover

    o Acrylic paint / collage materials – a fun way to further customize your book! Will work for all 3 books, but you may want to incorporate some decorative or base paper in addition to the painting. (bring what you already have!! No need to buy new paints for this)

    · Awl

    · Bookbinding needle (straight with a blunt end, not curved)

    · PVA Glue