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    Class Dates:  THURSDAY 9/23 from 12-4pm

    Class Instructor: Emily Looman

    Instructor Email: emilylooman@yahoo.com

    Instructor website: quietnoticing.com

    Here’s what i’m picturing: a picnic blanket spread out on the floor - or maybe just hung over the
    chair you’re sitting in. Some goodies to enjoy during our time together... how about cherries,
    broccoli florets, a few french macarons, and a cup of tea? (You can choose whatever you’d like,
    of course!) You could even incorporate some bits of nature into your picnic scene - like a potted
    geranium, for example. The idea is to surround yourself with things that delight you and that
    you’ll want to document in some way. It could even be in an abstract way. We’ll write and draw
    and paint and play together. It’ll be an open studio of sorts. I’ll bring some sketchbook prompts,
    and you can bring any questions you have for me about my sketchbook practice. One 4 hour
    session. Maximum of 10 students.

    (Please sign up no later than noon Sept. 8th to ensure time to receive class link)


    your picnic essentials and favorite mixed media supplies
    edible goodies and anything else you might like to use as a drawing reference
    a sketchbook (I use a Global Arts Hand Book Journal 5.5 x 5.5 in., but please use what you
    a pencil and/or pen, glue stick, scissors
    colored pencils, pastels, watercolors (or any other medium you feel comfortable using)
    fabric swatches, handmade papers, etc. - these are optional, to be used for collage purposes
    a small drawing pad (i use a Global Arts Handbook drawing pad - this is for collage purposes)
    a lined journal for writing practice (or you could just use your sketchbook)
    a book to use for word gathering (we will just be writing words down from it, not cutting the book
    *if applicable, please be sure to have a pencil sharpener, brushes, a rag, a container of water 

    ***All Students get 20% off purchases made while enrolled in a class***