Class Dates: SATURDAY 8/28 & SUNDAY 8/29 from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Class Instructor: Zoe Cohen

Instructor Email: zcohen@efn.org

Instructor Website: https://www.zcohenstudio.com/

Price: $100.00

    Availability: Available

    Is it time to try your hand at drawing again - or maybe draw for the first time? Ditch those old voices (whoever they are) who said you 'couldn’t draw'! A sketchbook is a creative document that contains both written and visual material - a self-directed investigation. A sketchbook provides a safe place to experiment, to document, to research various drawing styles and make notes. Anyone curious to discover their original sketchbook style is welcome. Through a series of non- intimidating guided exercises we’ll zero in on methods contemporary artists use to create inspirational sketchbooks; rough, unpretentious drawing, collage, scribbles, lists, as well as a few classic sketching practices. Maximum of 10 students. Two 3 hour sessions (Please sign up no later than noon August 27th to insure time to receive the zoom class link. Download the Zoom app on your devise and I will send you an email with the link before our first class begins.)

    Please Bring:

    • Sketchbook of your choice (water media recommended)
    • Drawing tools: a good selection of pencils, pens, felt pens, colored pencils,
    • markers, Neo-color 1 or 2 crayons etc.
    • Magazines or discarded books to repurpose
    • Glue stick and Gel medium or some kind of adhesive
    • A few watercolor, gouache or acrylic paints

    ***All Students get 20% off purchases made while enrolled in a class***