#036-ELEMENTS OF COLLAGE (In store at Oregon Art Supply.)

Class Dates: SUNDAY 3/19 9:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Class Instructor: Rebecca Mannheimer

Instructor Email: rmann@oregonartsupply.com

Instructor Website: rebeccamannheimer.com

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    In this class we will explore and produce elements to use in creating our individual works, focusing on line, edges, form and color as well as texture, transparency, pattern and scale to create unique images with collage. Through various exercises we'll begin to rethink how we approach and start to build our pieces by incorporating drawing and painting elements into our collage pieces. Come join me in exploring many different ways we can invent or reinvent the use of paper in collage, and adhere a multitude of possibilities. Leave your decorative papers tucked away and come create something original and all your own. All levels of experience welcomed.

    Maximum of 6 students. One 6 hour session, with a break for lunch.

    This class has filled. Please contact Oregon Art Supply (541-683-2787 ext 1) to be put on our waiting list and we will contact you if a spot opens up.

    Please bring:


      Please have the following materials:
      4-6 MDF boards or cradle boards: recommended that you start small 6” x 6”, 8” x 8” 6” x 8” etc

      Paper large enough to cover your board (not too thick).ie.-Sturdy drawing papers, like a Canson 1557 Pad, mixed media paper, watercolor paper etc.

      1 sheet of Stonehenge paper. (any color except black)

      1 sheet of Japanese paper like Seikishu or Okawara

      Any assorted solid color papers you have

      Scissors and/or an exact knife with a cutting board

      Gloves if you are sensitive to any of these materials

      1 small bottle of acrylic matte medium

      1 scraping tool: straight edge tool or brayer to help flatten our papers when glued.

      1 flat/bright (approx 1/2”wide) stiff acrylic brush to use with the acrylic medium

      PAINTS: acrylic heavy body paints, or fluid acrylic and/or acrylic ink- two analogous colors (colors next to each other on the color wheel) plus one complementary color and white. - optional color: Black #6 or #8 round synthetic mixed media brush

      2 or more Caran d’Ache II water-soluble crayons (at least two colors of your choice)

      1 water-soluble graphite pencil (medium or dark)
      1 General Layout pencil or comparable
      1 or more brush pens- your choice, Faber Castel pitt pen, Pentel Brush pen (black), Tombow-Dual Tip, Zig Brushables

      etc. optional: printed text, rubber stamps, printed images (computer), printed text (repurposed books)

      palette paper

      palette knife

      any other tools you like to use for making marks, any pens that you have that you like to draw with etc.

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