#016- ARTIST WARM UP WORKSHOP (in store)

Class Dates:

SATURDAY 1/14 from 12:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. (This class is in person at Oregon Art Supply.)

Class Instructor: Jan Halvorsen

Instructor Email: mimikoyangi@gmail.com 

Instagram: janhalvi

Instructor Website:

Price: $60.00

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    A three hour workshop exploring stress-free ways to warm up and prepare for creative productivity... Do you ever feel stuck when you want to work on a painting? Have you felt frustrated when something that is usually easy and relaxed is difficult? Athletes warm up, singers warm up, dancers warm up... So do artists. Try some fun and enlightening practices to warm up your imagination and enter the creative zone easily and naturally. These exercises are based on my 20 years of teaching drawing, along with help from people like Leonardo da Vinci. Whether you draw every day or are just beginning, these exercises are a low stress way to relax and enjoy some creative play. Maximum of 8 students. One 3 hour sessions.

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    For your complete material list - please click on link

    MATERIALS LIST: Artist Warm Ups Workshop

    VERY IMPORTANT TO BRING: At least 3 small interesting objects in small bags (so no one

    can see them). Please don’t bring an heirloom or anything fragile!


    Paper: Sturdy enough to work on with wet media, but not expensive! Even cheap paper will provide an interesting platform for experimentation. However, if it is too soft and absorbent or highly textured, it won’t be as versatile.

    Smooth/semi-smooth paper. Here are some options available at Oregon Art Supply:

    Tablet: Hand-book Drawing 8 x 10 80lb

    Strathmore drawing paper, single sheets (cut or tear to smaller sizes)

    Any watercolor or drawing paper you have already.


    Fine point permanent black pen: Marker or any of your choice… If you enjoy pen &

    ink, that works too!

    Pencils… Your choice. Drawing pencil (3B is a good option). Mechanical pencil with soft

    lead is an excellent option… 0.7 or 0.9 with 2B or 3B lead (NOT the HB lead that comes

    with the pencil).

    Black or brown ink or a neutral color of watercolor… Payne’s grey, umbers, ochres



    Soft moppy wet media brush: Any brush that can apply wet media in a loose puddle.

    Small palette or dish for wet media

    Optional (some of the exercises can be expanded with adding color)

    You may have these already, so bring what you enjoy working with. If you decide to buy

    anything, get at least 3 interesting colors in your selected medium.

      • Watercolors (and brushes you use) of your choice, and/or
      • Color pencils, and/or…
      • Firm pastels