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"Hopeful" mezzotint 3.5" x 3"

"Self Talk" monoprint 6 3/4" x 9 3/4/"

My current work addresses the emotional toll of mental illness. Through a series of monotypes,
I study my own daughter’s harrowing struggle with psychoses. Tormented by delusions and
harassed by hallucinations, she is paranoid and terrified. Family and friends are of little comfort,
as she is unable to trust her own senses, let alone other people.

My daughter’s confusion, frustration, and despair are apparent in her body language and facial
expressions. To convey her devastation, I create unsettling imagery in black ink with tattered
bristle brushes. Ambiguous environs and shadows reflect her distorted perception of reality.

In sharing my daughter’s experience, I process my anguish, as well as elicit concern from others.
Empathy prompts insight, acceptance, and support. I hope to help dispel misconceptions and
stigma by providing glimpses into a personal battle for mental health.

I am extremely proud of my brilliant, tenacious daughter! I appreciate and admire her courage in
facing her illness, and in sharing her story.