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Maude Kerns
classes, exhibitions, ceramics, private lessons

Emerald Art Center
classes, exhibitions, gift shop

Artist's Palette Studio
events, classes, crafting, quilting, scrapbooking supplies

Whiteaker Printmakers
an art collective that hosts workshops, events, and provides printing access with membership.


Gamblin Interactive Medium Guide

Input your desired oil-painting effect, and Gamblin will tell you how to make the perfect medium recipe!

Gamblin Video Demonstrations
Informative videos for those who want to learn about oil painting techniques and archival practices.

GOLDEN Video Demonstrations
Learn about a huge variety of acrylic and mix-media techniques from the masters of acrylic paint.

GOLDEN Working Artist Program
Find free regional demonstrations of acrylic products, or apply to become a working artist who gives them.

Pigment Characteristics
Michael Harding is one of the best oil paint makers in the world. Click on a pigment / color and read a thorough, multifaceted description of its character. A huge help when trying to learn how to be a better color mixer! The behavior of a certain pigment translates well between oil and acrylic paint.

Pigment Codes & Information
Did you know that on every tube of paint there is a list of pigment "ingredients" for that unique color? Pigment codes will be listed on the tube and tell you the certain pigments that made up the color. Many artist-grade colors have only one pigment ingredient, which makes them highly predictable mixers. Look up pigment codes in this database if you want to know how your paint was made!